"Our son has been at Cradle to Crayons since the age of 10 weeks, and he is now approaching 2 and a half, just entering the toddler preschool 1 class. The staff at Cradle to Crayons has been wonderful in that I know that they are taking good care of our little guy, are always responsive to our needs as parents, are flexible, and helpful providing guidance about things that we haven't encountered before. We are first time parents and both work full time, and as other parents like us know, it can be scary when looking for good day care. The staff at Cradle to Crayons made us feel much better about our anxieties from the first day our son was enrolled. Cradle to Crayons' staff have really shown us that they care about our son and our family, and we expect our son to be enrolled their until he moves on to bigger things. " Thanks! Linnea

"Our family is happy to recommend Cradle to Crayons. Two of our children have attended Cradle to Crayons. Our oldest child recently started kindergarten. Cradle to Crayons was instrumental in preparing her both socially and educationally. She is thriving in kindergarten and I attribute this largely to Cradle to Crayons. Our youngest child is currently in the Toddler room at Cradle to Crayons. He enjoys school. Similar to what our daughter experienced, we feel our son is not only growing educationally, but also growing socially. His teachers provide a good balance of learning and fun. We feel lucky to have found Cradle to Crayons - a warm, happy, fun learning environment for our children. " Amy and Scott

"As first time parents we were very nervous about finding reliable child care. We interviewed several different providers ranging from downright frightening to perfectly acceptable. However, when I first walked into the infant room at Cradle to Crayons I knew we had found our center. While providing the attention to hygiene and security that a center must, C to C also provides the loving environment one often finds with an in-home provider. I was very upset to leave Charlotte on her first day, as all new Moms are, but was so reassured when I came to pick her up and she was being rocked lovingly by one of the great teachers in the infant room. I have often come in to find her being held or played with, and the teachers are wonderful in communicating the fun things that she did that day, or her progress with milestones. We have been greatly appreciative of their openness to breastfeeding and cloth diapers, as that was a challenge in our search for great childcare. We love the idea that she will be in the same setting up through pre-school and that C to C is always continuing the education of their teachers to provide the best possible start for all of the kids. Anyone who is looking for a center that has a family approach, something I didn't even know existed anymore, should take the time to set up an appointment to tour C to C. Thank you Courtney and Tara for creating such a nurturing environment dedicated to developmental growth! " Shoshanna

"We have entrusted our two girls to Cradle to Crayons for the last 6 1/2 years. Sarah, who is now 6 years old and in the 1st grade started in the Infant Room when she was only 8 weeks old. Leaving my tiny baby was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I visited many different daycare centers and researched the key factors to look for in good daycare centers. All the research said the same thing, a daycare center with a good, involved Director usually ensured that the center would provide good and consistent care for your children. I have always been impressed with the way Sarah was treated with loving care. The teachers in the classroom consistently separated the child from the problem. She looked forward going to daycare and enjoyed the classroom activities. The educational programs at Cradle to Crayons did such a great job preparing Sarah for kindergarten. Sarah tested very high across the board on the initial assessments when she entered kindergarten. In each classroom at Cradle to Crayons we were provided periodic evaluations of her social and intellectual progress. I new exactly what her strengths and weakness were before she entered public school. My second little girl has been at Cradle to Crayons for 2 1/2 years. She had acid reflux disease during her first year of life and had severe food allergies. She could not be laid down flat at all for her first four months of life. I was just sure she would not be able to stay in a group daycare environment. I was so impressed with the way they worked with us to meet her special needs within the nursery environment. Sophie has also grown and flourished at Cradle to Crayons. Experience speaks for itself, I would not take my children anywhere else!" Pam

"Cradles to Crayons is a home away from home for our two girls. Finding a group of people to teach and play with your children while you have to work is a very hard decision and I can honestly say that we have never questioned our choice in choosing C2C.  The wonderful people who work there have played a huge part in raising our girls into the loving, smart, playful, well rounded little people we cherish.  Our eldest, who is now in kindergarten started learning and playing at C2C in January of 2012, she was a year and half. I cannot stress how grateful I am to all that she has learned.  On appearance the center is play based, however she knew her phonics, counting to 20, how to spell her name at 3, write her name at 4, plus a wealth of additional knowledge on why things are and how things work.  Upon entering Kindergarten she was beyond prepared and I can give the majority of that credit to the great staff and curriculum at C2C.  Now when she goes to pick up her little sister she runs from room to room to give hugs and tell her stories to teachers who have touched her life from such a young age. Our youngest, who began with C2C at 6 months, is following in the same foot steps as her sister, even if it is too a completely different tune!!  She has had some difficulty with speech and the teachers are great at working with her, upon my request, to correct her and use cues to enhance her abilities.  She loves to come home and share things she has learned throughout her day; like the games they played, the science projects they did and show us all the arts and crafts she got to do.   Our children are better and more prepared for school thanks to the experiences they have enjoyed at C2C!" Jen

"We have been sending our children to Cradle to Crayons for 5 years. Our kids are loved so much by their teachers and all the staff. From the moment we toured the facility before our first child was born we felt so comfortable with the philosophies and the staff. In a world that seems to place increasing pressure on preschool age children to adhere to school-age curriculums, we especially appreciate the philosophy of Cradle to Crayons in which children learn through playing, exploring their surroundings and interacting with others. My 5 year old has built meaningful relationships and has learned to resolve conflicts on his own and has increased confidence that is due in large part to his interactions and experience at school.

Cradle to Crayons is like our extended family in so many ways and we can’t say enough good things. Thank you for loving our kids so much!"